Mortage with special programm from Spitamen Bank

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Special Mortgage Mortgage from Spitamen Bank in partnership with CC Avicenna

Spitamen Bank and CC Avicenna offer special conditions for the purchase of housing in the capital of Tajikistan at 12% per annum, in the elite new buildings of the company Avicenna (

  Loan amount   from 1 000 tо 150 000 USD
  Interest rate     12% p.a.
  Maturity   from 3 tо 72 months
  Grace period   the first four months - 0%
  Collateral   property to be purchased    
  Client's own funds   min. 30% of the price of purchased real estate
  To whom   private individuals, citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan   
  Guarantor   CC Avicenna



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